Saturday, July 27, 2013

Action 2020 - 8th UnConference - A brief report

Action2020 - 8th UnConference
Action2020 - 8th UnConference
8th UnConference of Action 2020 was held on Saturday the 27th July 2013 at Corporation School, Panagal Park, T Nagar from 2PM to 5 PM.  Around 45 delegates representing 25 groups participated and shared their experiences.

Presently Action 2020 is implementing two common projects.  'Vidhyodhaya' project is being implemented in Corporation Schools at MMDA11 and Adyar, besides at Govt. High School at Kannagi Nagar.  Akilan, Gayathri, Poornima and Vinod briefed the delegates about their projects.  Since  Action 2020 has got permission from this year to run the Vidyodhaya Project at Corporation School, CIT Nagar, they also requested volunteers who can spare two hours a week with the children.  

Prime Point Srinivasan, Convenor of Education Loan Task Force (ELTF) briefed the activities of the second project of creating awareness about education loan.  He also requested the delegates to create awareness about education loan among students in their area.

The delegates shared their individual activities.  They also offered lot of suggestions to take Action 2020 to next level.  

Bhavnesh of Shreyan Foundation suggested that Action 2020 can take up the environmental cause and also tree planting. He has offered to be the Convenor of this new project. If implemented, this will be the third common project of Action 2020.  

A new core team was formed.  Next UnConference will be held in January 2014.  

As suggested by members, a new Facebook Group will be formed in the name of Action 2020 and all the active groups and individual members will be invited to be part of this new group.

For more details contact Mr Aum Murugan, Convenor, Action 2020 at 

Photos taken during the event:

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