Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dr Abdul Kalam meets Vasantham children

Dr Abdul Kalam with Vasantham children
To day (6th December 2012), Dr Abdul Kalam met the mentally challenged special children of Vasantham and interacted with them at Raj Bhavan, Chennai during his short visit to Chennai.  

On seeing Dr Kalam sitting in the sofa, one of the children cried in excitement, "hey.  Kalam uncle, whom we used to see in photo is sitting here".  These children got really excited to interact with Dr Kalam and they presented to him a written invitation (signed by all the children of Vasantham) inviting him to Vasantham during his next visit.  Dr Kalam also promised to visit Vasantham to interact with other children.  

They also presented to him some of the special products made by them personally as a token of their love and affection. 

Vasantham, one of the Chennai based NGOs (started in 1989)  is taking care of nearly 150 mentally challenged children.  Out of this, nearly 50 children are staying in the hostel.  These children are highly creative and highly capable.  

Vasantham can be reached through their website or through their email id 

Some of the photos taken during the occassion.

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