Tuesday, October 2, 2012

J Prabhakar brought 700 plus small NGOs together

Mr J Prabhakar (58), an artist by profession started his social service by campaigning against the evils of ‘liquor’ in 1985.  He used to visit villages around Chennai then and campaign for values and ethics.  He even brought Anna Hazare in 1989 to some of the villages towards his mission.  At that time Anna Hazare was not popular in the nation and he was doing great service in the Ralegan Siddhi village at Maharashtra.     
One day in 2005, he got an idea of bringing together various unsung NGOs who were doing great service in various parts of Tamilnadu  under a single banner.  

On 2nd October 2005, he brought nearly 100 such small NGOs together under the banner ‘Ennangalin Sangamam’, meaning ‘Fusion of thoughts’. He also convenes a meeting of all the NGOs, every year on the first Sunday of  January.  Every year, he has been adding nearly 100 small NGOs in this movement.  So far, he has brought together more than 700 NGOs.

These NGOs are working in different areas like health, rural development, education, anti-liquor campaign, etc.  These NGOs are able to meet in small groups and get the support of each other.  Prabhakar also suggests suitable NGOs, if a particular donor wants to utilize his money for a specific cause. J Prabhakar can be reached at jp.sangamam@gmail.com 

source: www.prpoint.com/ezine/presense0612.pdf


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