Friday, August 26, 2011

Saluting Satyagrahis of Anti Corruption movement

Anti Corruption movement has gone deep into the smaller towns of India.  Gandhian Anna Hazare has been on indefinite fast for the past 10 days since 16th August, demanding Jan Lokpal.  The Government has not shown any serious concern for the public sentiments.  Many of the middle class youngsters have come on street across the nation holding national flags and chanting Jai Hind.  The recent exposures of scams like 2G, CWG have angered people and they want a better governance.

Satyagrahis at LB Road, Chennai who completed 10 days of fast
Thousands of Satyagrahis on indefinite fast along with Anna Hazare in many centres.  Due to health conditions, some of the Satyagrahis were advised by doctors to drop out.  Today (26th August 2011), India Against Corruption organisers at Delhi have advised all the Satyagrahis to withdraw from indefinite fast on the 11th day, so that they could focus on other protests.  However Anna Hazare is continuing his fast, till the Government agrees to pass a legislation.
At Chennai, 18 Satyagrahis completed their fast on the 11th day.  Norre Vattan, another partner group of Action 2020 have started indefinite fast three days back in support of Anna Hazare and they said they would continue till Anna Hazare stops his fast.  
India Vision Group and Action 2020 Team salute the great Satyagrahis for their patriotism and commitment to the nation.  Please see the pictures of those great men and women who are fighting for the nation.


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