Monday, August 8, 2011

6th UnConference of Action 2020 focuses on career guidance and edu loans

Action 2020 is a platform for more than 30 like minded youth organisations to come together, deliberate on various individual and common projects.  This is part of the online India Vision Group.  The leaders of Action 2020 team used to meet every year during January and July as 'UnConference', to deliberate on their achievements and failures.  In the concept of UnConference, all the participats are equal and every one particpates equally.  Though a broad agenda is fixed earlier, the agenda is finalised based on the needs of the participating members.
Kannagi Nagar Project
6th of such UnConference was held on Saturday the 6th August (this year delayed by a week), at Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School.  40 leaders/representatives from 25 member organistions participated.  During this UnConference the members reviewed the common projects like 'Kannagi Nagar Project', where some of the member organisations actively participate along with Chennai Police and Rotary Club of Madras East, to decriminalise the area. Vinod of Azreya, the Project coordinator explained the activities  Many teams from Action 2020 are involved in this project.  Suyam is providing technical support. 
Education Loan Task Force
Through Education Loan Task Force (ELTF), Action 2020 is creating awareness about education loan to students and parents across the nation and also take up the cases, where poor and intelligent students are harased by banks, with higher authorities.  Through ELTF, the banks reconsidered and reopened the cases of nearly 300 poor and brilliant students for granting education loan.  Strategies for creating edu loan awareness were also planned.  K. Srinivasan, Convenor of ELTF clarified many of the doubts along with Mr Ravikumar, Coordinator of Action 2020. 
Career Guidance Programme
In many of the rural centres, students do not get proper guidance to plan their career and studies.  It was also decided to start a career guidance programme to the rural students through our volunteer network.  Initially, it was decided to start the programme at Nagappatinam district as a pilot project. Shiva and Ravi, coordinators of Action 2020 will be coordinating this project.
Rules and procedures for registering and managing trusts
Many of the youngsters group together to do social work.  They do it informally.  Many of them want to formalise through trust or any offcial body.  Expert input was given on the various procedures governing trusts, societies, etc.  Mr Nandhakumar, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai and Mr Prasanna, a social worker shared the rules and procedures for formation of a trust and other formalities to be complied with. 
'Thuli' event - competition for special children 
This year's UnConference was made to coincide with the annual event 'Thuli' organised by Punnagai and Dream India in the same veneue.  Nearly 400 children from various homes and orphanages participated.  They participated in various competitions and entertainment and bagged lot of awards.  Punnagai and Dream India are the partner organisations of Action 2020.  Through this 'Thuli' event, they were able to motivate the young special children to achieve more and more.
Natarajan of Dream India and Aum Murugan of Aum Foundation took the lead in organsing the UnConference jointly with 'Tuli' project.
The tag-line of Action 2020 is 'Together to act'.  All the team members have individual capabilities and strength.  When, we pool all the strengths together, the members are able to achieve more than what they could do.  
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