Monday, January 24, 2011

Banks honoured by Action 2020 for performance under Education Loan

5th UnConference of Action 2020 Team was held at Chennai on Sunday the 23rd Jan 2011 to review the performance of various activities and to plan the future projects.  50 representatives from 25 member organisations participated
The first session was the review of projects and planning for future.  All the member organisations shared their views. 
Second session was devoted for Education Loan Task Force (ELTF).  State Bank of India and Indian Bank were honoured for their top performance under Education Loan in Tamilnadu and for their prompt response for the grievances 
In the post luch session (third session), a workshop was held on 'Positive Communication' by K. Srinivasan, Prime Point Foundation.

Mr S Rajasekhar, Managing Trustee of National Agro Foundation who are piloting the second green revolution movement participated.  He is the  son of Shri C Subramanian, former Union Minister and architect of Indian Green Revolution and also who opened the education to poor people, immediately after our Independence.  
Mr S S Ramasubbu, Member of Parliament and one of the top 5 performers in the current 15th Lok Sabha also participated.  He is also actively associated with our ELTF initiatives.  
Both Mr Rajasekhar and Mr Ramasubbu presented the awards to the representatives of State Bank of India and Indian Bank.
Mr S S Ramasubbu MP presented the award to State Bank of India.  Mr Ramakrishnan, Chief Manager of SBI received the Award.
Mr S Rajasekar presented the award to Indian Bank.  Mr Swaminathan, Chief Manager of Indian Bank Head Office received the award.  
K. Srinivasan, Convenor of Education Loan Task Force (ELTF) requested Mr Ramasubbu to take up with Hon'ble Finance Minister on the scant respect given by Private Banks like ICICI Bank and other banks on the education loan to poor students.  Also, he brought to his notice that interest subsidy scheme needed some more improvements to benefit the poor people. Bankers also presented their views and their experience.
Mr Ramasubbu assured ELTF and bankers that he would take up the policy matters with the Government of India for improvement of education loan scheme. He appealed to the banks to step up their education loan to the poor and deserving students for improving their living status. He also offered to start an 'education loan campaign' in his constituency with the support of all banks. 
Mr Rajasekar emphasised the importance of industry need based   education.  He is an independent director in ONGC.  He cited the example of how, he was able to introduce a new course known as 'Petroleum Engineering' in IIT, Chennai with the involvement of ONGC.  He said, such courses would benefit the country a lot, in building the nation.  In this task, he appealed to the banks to share their expertise with the industry and the educational institutions.  
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