Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Inspiring story of high flying Capt. Bavicca Bharathi, the youngest commercial pilot and commander

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Capt. Bavicca Bharathi (21) is the world's youngest commercial licensed pilot and commander. When she was 16 and studying her plus two, she had high ambitions of becoming a medical doctor.  She heard about the 'flying' opportunities from her family friend.  After completion of her plus two, she joined the flying training.  At the age of 18, she got the license to fly.  Now at her 21st age, she has more than 2100 flying hours at her credit. She has now become the youngest commercial pilot and transport pilot and commander.  She holds three records in Limca records book. Within few  years, she will also become the Management Pilot, after completing the required flying hours. 
Bavicca is presently piloting the   flights to many of the stations like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Coimbatore, etc. from Chennai. 
When she wanted to become pilot, her mother (40) (left in the photo) Ms Judith Jeslin Bharathi also joined her daughter Bavicca Bharathi (right in the photo)  in the training.  Both underwent flying training together.  After getting the license, both are working in the same airline company. 
Every aircraft is piloted by two licensed pilots.  The second pilot is known as co-pilot.  Shortly, Bavicca will be handling the flight as the main pilot.  Her mother has the greatest desire to be the co-pilot, when her daughter is the main pilot.
Capt. Bavicca Bharathi is a multi talented person.  She has passed with high grades  from Trinity School of Music.  She is talented in painting, music and dance and has won several awards.
It is quite interesting to know about their surname 'Bharathi'.  Their grand father Mr P Thomas is a great fan and admirer of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi, a national Tamizh poet who lived a century back.  Mahakavi Bharathi was known for his inspiring poems with modern thoughts.  His poems were banned during British Rule.  A century back, Mahakavi Bharathi visualised the role of 'new generation women'.  He wanted the women to go for higher studies, be the rulers to make law of the land.  He even wanted the new generation women to take up the professions, dominated by men.  Mr Thomas made 'Bharathi' as surname to all the family members, probably to remind everyone about the dreams of the great poet.
Bavicca Bharathi, hailing from the family of admireres of Mahakavi Bharathi, has proved his dream  of 'new generation woman'.
Please listen to the inspiring interview with Capt. Bavicca Bharathi and her mother Capt. Judith Jeslin Bharathi. Please click play to listen to the interview.  (12 minutes).  The audio streaming will be smooth in broadband connections.  If you encounter any problem, you may download the audio, by right clicking the link and saving to your desktop.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

US City Birmingham honours S S Rajsekar with the 'city key'.

Mr S.S. Rajsekar, son of former Union Minister C. Subramaniam was gifted a key to the City of Birmingham, Alabama by Mayor William Bell.  Mr Rajsekar has continued tirelessly to carry the torch of the National Agro Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Mr  Subramanain. Mr Rajsekar has travelled far and wide to spread the message of this organization and during his travels developed a penchant for the City of Birmingham. Mr Rajsekar has encouraged Indian businesses and businessmen to visit the City of Birmingham as he believes that it is fertile ground for them to consider the city as venue for their US ventures.

Mayor William Bell who was involved along with Mr Rajsekar in the hosting of  President Abdul Kalams visit to Birmingham last year, thanked Mr Rajsekar for all his efforts on behalf of the city. In recognition of this he was honored by being presented with the key to the City of Birmingham. Mayor Bell has been a tireless economic developer of the City that he now leads and has strongly believed that it was important that his City develop strong economic and cultural ties with the rest of the world particularly India.

Mr Rajsekar is one of the patrons of Action 2020 team of India Vision Group.  

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