Thursday, April 1, 2010

S S Ramasubbu, a top performer in 15th Lok Sabha (as at March 2010)

Top performance of MPs
Recently PRS India, a legislature research body released the performance of all the MPs of 15th Lok Sabha.  We have uploaded the data in the following link  They have updated the information till 16th March 2010.
The performance of MPs in Lok Sabha is adjudged by their (a) participation in debates, (b) by their introducing private member bills and (c) the number of questions raised.   Attendance is also another parameter to know how the MPs perform in the Lok Sabha.  
With these parameters, Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, a BJP MP from Chandrapur (Maharashtra) stood first in the over all.  His total tally of debates, private bills and questions come to 293 in all the sessions upto 16th March 2010.  We will be carrying an exclusive interview with him in another posting.
Mr S S Ramasubbu MP
Mr S S Ramasubbu, (age 60) a Congress MP from Tirunelveli has captured 8th position in the 15th Lok Sabha.  His total tally of debates, private bills and questions come to 244.  He has attended 97% of the sessions.   He hails from a respected freedom fighter family of that area.  He is a post graduate with a banking deiploma. After serving a commercial bank, he jumped into politics to serve the society.  He has also been a member of Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly for two terms.
Mr Ramasubbu was elected to 15th Lok Sabha in 2009.  He has entered the Lok Sabha for the first time. Even within one year, he has shown his legislative performance by securing the 8th position in the Lok Sabha and the first position in Tamilnadu.  
He also maintains his personal website and anybody can register their complaints through this site.  He has a team of assistants, who process the grievances immediately and take the necessary action. He is one of the easily accessible MPs in our country.  Any common man can reach him without any difficulty.
Exclusive interview with Mr Ramasubbu
We spoke to him today morning over his mobile.  After he was elected to the Lok Sabha, he met Dr Abdul Kalam and sought his blessings.  Dr Kalam advised him to focus on four areas viz (a) reducing illiteracy in his area. (b) reducing infant mortality, (c) increase the per capita income of the people of his constituency and (d)  and improve the water bodies. Mr Ramasubbu has taken this advice as the 'mantra' and has started working in this direction systematically. He has visited many villages and studied their issues, keeping the 4 mantra in his mind. 
He has passion for developing primary and secondary education.  He has so far visited 110 schools and interacted with the children and motivated them. 
Aiming high 
Being the first time MP, he may not get more chances in the Lok Sabha for speaking.  However, he said, that he would secure the No 1 position in the future sessions of 15th Lok Sabha.  
I think Mr Hansraj BJP MP should gear up further to meet the challenge of Mr Ramasubbu Congress MP to retain the No 1 position. 
India Vision Group congratulates the top performers of 15th Lok Sabha and happy that a 'healthy competition' is heating up among the parliamentarians.

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