Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Forgotten centenary of legendary statesman C Subramanian (CS)

C Subramanian (CS) Architect of Indian Green Revolution

Many of the youngsters in early 30s may not be knowing about Shri C Subramaniam, popularly known as CS. Shri CS was one of the celebrated Statesmen of India, who piloted the first Green Revolution in India in 1960s. During early 1960s, India was facing a great food shortage and CS was then the Food and Agriculture Minister. He brought together National and International Agricultural scientists and developed new seeds. He managed all the opposition then and introduced systematically a revolution in Agricultural sector. Within two years, his efforts yieleded great results and the production increased substantially. That saved the country from famine.
As a shy politician, he never took the credit to himself. Though, he was the architect of first Green Revolution in India, many others in the team got the Awards and rewards, which he was seeing during life time silently.
In his early days, CS was mentored by the great Rajaji, who was the first Governor General of India after Independence, in his professional and political career. CS was one of the freedom fighters and he spent more than 18 months in prison.
When he was the education minister in Tamilnadu under Shri Kamaraj, immediately after Independence, he brought lot of reforms in education and that was later adopted by other States.
Thereafter, he served three Prime Ministers viz. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lalbahadur Sastri and Indira Gandhi in the Central Government. He handled very sensitive Ministries like Heavy Industries, Mines, Science & Technollgy, Finance and Agriculture. He made mark in all the Ministries he served. If India can boast of many achievements in those ministries today, it was because of the seeds sown by CS in those days. He was a great administrator and a task master.
Though, he was practically holding the second position next to Prime Minister in those days for more than two decades, he never exposed his family to the public life or exploited to his personal advantage.
Government of India recognised his services to the Nation, belatedly and honoured him with the coveted Bharat Ratna Award in 1998, two years before his death. He passed away in 2000 at his 90th age. Even before his death, he created National Agro Foundation, to take the country towards second green revolution.
Now this is the cenetenary year of CS. Very sadly, neither the Tamilnadu State Government nor the Central Government have remembered him, to pay homage to this visionary Statesman, who was only a 'Karma Yogi' without expecting any publicity.
Now his admirers have started celebrating his centenary to pay respect to this Great son of India.

CS, though was a great Statesman, also had a great love for Carnatic Music and dance. During his life time, he also founded Ragalaya Trust to encourage Traditional Music and dance. Ragalaya Trust oragnised an event on 5th December 2009 at Music Academy, Chennai.
Dr K S Subramanian, former senior bureaucrat who worked with CS recalled an incident in Tamilnadu Assembly. In 1950s, CS was the leader of the Congress in Assembly. At that time, Sri C N Annadurai, noted Dravidian leader was the leader of the opposition. One of the Congress Members was passing some remarks on Sri Annadurai in the Assembly with some unwanted words. CS was in his chamber listening to the proceedings which used to be broadcast through audio systems. On hearing the remarks of his own member, CS entered into the Assembly and requested his collegue to withdraw the remarks made by him, as Srii Annadurai was one of the senior leaders. The Congress member refused to oblige. Immediately, CS stood up and apologised to the opposition leader for the remarks made by his congress colleague and also requested the Speaker to expunge those remarks from the Assembly proceedings. Dr K S Subramanian was recalling as to how CS was giving utmost respect to the dignity of the Democratic Institutions and values of the profession. (Our youngsters may not believe this type of statesmanship were there during those time, because of current happenings in our Parliament)
Dr Padma Subramanian, the noted dancer recalled how CS was deeply interested in Music and dance and how he used to reveiw even the Music concerts. Probably, his passion for Music was one of the reasons for his success in his political life.
Later Smt Alarmel Valli and Smt Urmila Satyanarayanan, great doyens of Bharata Nayam paid homage to CS through their dance performance. They also shared their experiences with CS as to how he was passionate about dance and music.
It is gratifying to note that even if the Governments do not remember him, people remember him for his contribution to the Nation. Probably, if CS had exhibited himself as a man belonging to a particular caste or religion, the present day rulers might have planned lot of events. CS kept himself above such small barriers and maintained himself only as 'Indian'.
A Statesman is never a vote catcher and not a priority for rulers.


  1. We are already on the misguided tracks of selfish politicians. So it's no wonder people will remember or even want to know about such eminent administrators & true politicians. Certainly, atleast we should show some respect in paying tribute on his centenary. Let's see what will be the action of Central & State combos.

    K. SURENDRAN.Chennai.(surenmayflower16@yahoo.com)

  2. Yes,Shri C Subramaniam, is one of the greatest souls of India,a multifaceted personality who piloted the first Green Revolution of our motherland.We shall salute him on his cenetenary year and strive sincerely to make more of our youngsters to be aware of this towering statesman of India.

    Corporate Trainer/Leadership Coach,
    Head-Training and Placement,WSM.(sjr32007@yahoo.com)


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