Wednesday, December 17, 2008

India Vision 2020 Project : Shri.Muruganandam is proud owner of Browsing centre now

Dear Friends

We dedicate this to our Guru Dr.Kalam, who ignited our spirits !! His dedication & energy drives every step of our action

A moment of joy flash our minds as we put this across to you all. India Vision 2020 partner groups worked together to benefit an energetic youth Shri.Muruganandam( Triuchy, TamilNadu) This is an excellent example of team work - WE ARE IMMENSLY proud to have accomplished this as a TEAM , ofcourse we say this will all humility.

A request arrives ! One day( we had a request fwd'd from Dr.Kalam (Incidentally recieved from Shri.Muruganandam seeking his help). This was about a youth differently abled wanting to do more in life. We could sense bubbling confidence in him !

Background of Muruganadam:
Muruganandam lives in a town called Samayapuram near Triuchy Tamilnadu.Till his first year of higher secondary he was ordinary. Then he started developing weakness and eventually restricting his movement laterally - Both hands & legs. But this determined lad though had to discontinue his studies learned some computers(which would later help him!!). The issue is also sort of genetic with his parents & now him. Was very unhappy with situtation, he mustered confidence & wrote a mail to Dr.kalam !

Into Action:

Medical examination :
Our first task was to take medical advise on condition and the cause. Our first reponse with Mr.Srivasan' s help came from Kaveri Hospital(Dr. Manivannan- MD of the hospital). He personally sent his team to examine , give us the status.

Planning :
After this our next step was to confirm the ground reality. Our partner groups did not hesitate one moment. They had the teams visit him and give us first hand report.Seeing all the feasible options, considering his skills, our cost analysis, existing business potential we decided to set up Internet centre. Was agreed by all & we plunged into further action.

Time to Execute !
After exploring all the options we decided to get second hand system. For multiple reasons mainly to test out waters and give Muruganandam the confidence in running the show. Then came Mr.Suresh Kamat(CEO,Laser Soft) who readily offered 2 Systems from laser Soft. Muruganandam did his part by registering for Internet, then searching for old cabins, getting network router installed. After month of work we all were able to pull off and Muruganandam now is a PROUD owner !! His well wishers/friends in Samayapuram helped him a lot. The main idea for sustainable progress is establishing local support structure. We were able to establish this in better way !Recently (Myself, Udhay &Ravi Visited on Nov 23,2008 to review the progress.

Partners Involved:
SIAGM, Dream India 2020, India Sudar, YHM, Team Everest Not one partner showed hesitation at any point in time which I believe was hugely responsible for the completion !

Our Sincere & Special Thanks TO :
Dr.Manivannan - MD, Kaveri Hospital, Triuchy - FOr his ultra fast medical test response !

Mr.Suresh Kamat - Cannot thank enough as he laid the foundation by donating 2 computers. His team giving tough competition to their committed CEO !

Dr.A.U.RamaKrishna, for latest medical checkup done. His inputs were valuable. He will follow up on the research output for this treatment. For now there is no cure(ofcourse we believe in human spirit & quest !)

Mr.S.S.RajaShekar who referred Dr.Ram & also has promised further visit/help through rotract. Entire Team for their enviable DEDICATION !!

Mr.Srinivasan(Our moderator) who lead us through the whole process, giving inputs all through the way !This just the beginning , but would end the report with Robert Frost , for OUR JOURNEY WILL CONTINUE !!

Woods are lovely dark & deep.
But I have promises to keep
And Miles to go before I sleep ..
And Miles to go before I sleep ..

On behalf of India Vision 2020 team


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