Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr Chandragupta has organised 385 dental camps for poor people single handedly

In this site, we will be featuring the people, who are silently contributing towards realising Vision 2020 of Dr Kalam. In this edition, we are featuring Dr Chandragupta, who has been silently conducting free health camps to the poor people every week for the past eight years. So far, he has conducted 385 such free dental health programmes covering people in orphanages, oldage homes, government schools, destitute homes, slums and physically challenged people across Chennai. So far, he has covered more than 2 lakh people, including children, as a single person.

Dr Chandragupta completed his graduation from AECS Maaruti Dental College, Bangalore University, Bangalore, in September 1998. Even while studying in the College, he used to take active role in the dental camps organised by the College.

In 1999, as an intern, he was posted to Gudalur Advivasi Hospital at Nilgris. There he was serving exclusively the Adivasis, who live inside the forests of the Nilgris district. That experience made him to think of organsing free dental camps to the poor people.

When he started his practice in 2000, he added the 'free dental programme' as part of his agenda and he continues to do so till date, without break.

Even from the childhook, Dr Gupta wanted to do something good for the society. Even during his school days i used to volunteer for all the programmes , including scout, gardening and tree planting, etc. Even today, whenever he visits the educational institutions for dental camp, he requests the Management to permit him to plant some tree samplings involving the students.

When we asked him about his future plans, he says, "My future plan is to set up a fully equipped mobile dental van of my own; form a team of like minded doctors and visit all the surrounding villages, towns and suburban areas of chennai. As of now i have only been doing screening and giving a lecture on dental hygiene and showing them a brushing demo, as doing treatment then and there is ofcourse is a very difficult task and needs lot of planning and invloves lot of funds. Hence, basically i concentrate on creating awareness among the rural public on the importance of dental hygienes. and preventive dentistry"

He wants to continue his mission silently as long as he can, with the graces of God.

Dr Chandragupta can be reached at and mobile 9884128209

His website :


  1. An excellent contribution to society by Dr.Gupta. On these selfless people does our hope run on. May more people be inspired with such deeds. Jai hind !

  2. God bless u!
    Extraordinary work...keep going...Long live ur service....


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