Monday, September 15, 2008

Bihar Flood Relief Work by Brahma Kumaris & GHRC

Bihar Flood Relief Work by Brahma Kumaris & GHRC
RajaYogi BK Karunaji reports:

Chief Administrative Head Dadi Janki, Bro. Nirwair ji and Dr. Pratap Bhai took keen interest to set up the Relief work so that the necessary help can be extended to the flood effected brothers and sisters of Bihar. Dadi Janki ji gave special blessings for "Ruhani service" in addition with all other required services. She hosted a flag in Shantivan to the Flood Relief Ambulance Team.

Global Hospital and Research centre, Mount Abu has joined hands to carry out Flood Relief activities together with Brahma Kumaris in whatever possible requirement.
Our representative from Mount Abu BK Banarasi Lal , Bipin Patel (Nadiad) with BK Rani, Sub-zone In-charge of North Bihar, Brahma Kumaris visited flood effected areas and relief camps in Saharsa, Madhepura and Supaul district. We have found that lakhs of people are yet in village area covered by water.

Distribution of cloths, Sattu, Biscuits, Chura was carried out during visits of Camps and also in different areas of flood effected. Ambulances with Medical group have also arrived from Global Hospital which has started to distribute the medicine in flood affected areas.

We have decided to work in following main areas :

1. The position of children is very bad. We have decided to reach upto maximum number of children of flood affected area and would distribute cloths, biscuits and nutrition food. This is the main target of our work.

2. Medical treatment is one the main requirement of this area. We will extend our medical services for possible longest period.

3. Counseling – Large numbers of families have lost their members in addition with their animals and valuable livelihoods. Their mental position is not good. We have decided to render counseling services through different Shivirs and Mega Camps. We have started these services in Saharsa and would extend the same in different area of Supaul and Madhepura.

4. With above 3 particular services, we will also distribute food, cloths, chatai, utensils etc. supplied by our different branches of India.

Many numbers of local BK Brothers and sister of Bihar state have joined their hands for effective and successful relief work under the leadership of BK Rani of Muzaffarpur. Thus our Flood Relief activity is started in Bihar from 9.09.08

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr Chandragupta has organised 385 dental camps for poor people single handedly

In this site, we will be featuring the people, who are silently contributing towards realising Vision 2020 of Dr Kalam. In this edition, we are featuring Dr Chandragupta, who has been silently conducting free health camps to the poor people every week for the past eight years. So far, he has conducted 385 such free dental health programmes covering people in orphanages, oldage homes, government schools, destitute homes, slums and physically challenged people across Chennai. So far, he has covered more than 2 lakh people, including children, as a single person.

Dr Chandragupta completed his graduation from AECS Maaruti Dental College, Bangalore University, Bangalore, in September 1998. Even while studying in the College, he used to take active role in the dental camps organised by the College.

In 1999, as an intern, he was posted to Gudalur Advivasi Hospital at Nilgris. There he was serving exclusively the Adivasis, who live inside the forests of the Nilgris district. That experience made him to think of organsing free dental camps to the poor people.

When he started his practice in 2000, he added the 'free dental programme' as part of his agenda and he continues to do so till date, without break.

Even from the childhook, Dr Gupta wanted to do something good for the society. Even during his school days i used to volunteer for all the programmes , including scout, gardening and tree planting, etc. Even today, whenever he visits the educational institutions for dental camp, he requests the Management to permit him to plant some tree samplings involving the students.

When we asked him about his future plans, he says, "My future plan is to set up a fully equipped mobile dental van of my own; form a team of like minded doctors and visit all the surrounding villages, towns and suburban areas of chennai. As of now i have only been doing screening and giving a lecture on dental hygiene and showing them a brushing demo, as doing treatment then and there is ofcourse is a very difficult task and needs lot of planning and invloves lot of funds. Hence, basically i concentrate on creating awareness among the rural public on the importance of dental hygienes. and preventive dentistry"

He wants to continue his mission silently as long as he can, with the graces of God.

Dr Chandragupta can be reached at and mobile 9884128209

His website :

Saturday, September 6, 2008

India Vision 2020 cycle rally terminates at IIT, Chennai

Anand and his team in India Vision 2020 Cycle RallyBy K. Srinivasan

Four youngsters from Pollachi (near Coimbatore in Tamilnadu), Anand, Geethesh G. Pillai, TT. Giridharan and R Mohan started their "India Vision 2020 cycle rally" on 15th August 2008 from Pollachi. While Anand was cycling, the others were escorting him through out the journey. They travelled 2020 KM during this rally covering 60 villages and 20 schools/colleges. Their mission was to create awareness about India vision 2020 amongst the rural people and also to promote environmental awareness.

The rally terminated at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai on 5th September 2008 (happend to be the Teachers Day). They were received by enthusiastic NSS Volunteers of IIT, Chennai in the evening. Few members from India Vision Group and Partner Organisations were also present, to receive them.

Anand, who was driving the cycle all through 2020 km spoke to the IITians about the need for protecting the environment. K. Srinivasan, Moderator of India Vision Group, while appreciating the initiative taken by Anand, explained as to how the IITians, who were the 'Intellectual properties' of our Nation could contribute to the Nation in their own way. Kalam Nagappan, Founder of Young Helping Minds and a partner organisation of India Vision Group shared the success story of his team, consisting of students from various colleges.

I was impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the young IITians, who wanted to join the India Vision platform to be part of Nation building. I was further impressed when N Ganesh, a third year Electrical Engineering Under Graduate student told me that he would prefer to stay back in India to become an entrepreneur and to generate employment opportunities. In these days, when many of the IITians prefer to settle down in developed countries, it was heartening to see few people like Ganesh and his team with a National outlook.

After meeting Anand, Ganesh and their team in the IIT, Chennai campus, I returned home with a happy feeling that future of India is in safe hands.

In the picture below, Anand and his team with IITians:

Anand and his team with IITians at Chennai

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